Agenda 2/6/2018

Bell work:  IA Notebook.  Glue handout onto page 102.  On page 103 – Title it: “Harriet Tubman and The Underground Railroad”  Secure a textbook and turn to page 151.

Homework:  Harry Potter THROUGH chapter 5.  FSA style quiz is tomorrow.


  • Line down the middle of 103 making it a T-chart.

  • One side is Harriet Tubman

  • Other side is The Masters

  • Record POV as we read.

  • Try to focus on the same event, item, situation and then document both POV’s.



Agenda 2/5/2018


Bell work:  Number your pages to 125.  Turn to page 101.  Title it FSA PRACTICE.

Homework:  Read THROUGH chapter 5 of Harry Potter by Wednesday.  FSA style quiz that day.  Reading assignments-  Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.


  1. Open your Vportal

  2. Go to Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (Holt McDougal Online)

  3. Go to Student Resources

  4. Level Up Tutorials

  5. Analyzing Literature– POV, First-Person POV, Third-Person POV.  Document your work on page 101

  6. Reading Skills and Strategies– Summarizing

  7. Conventions– Commas, Apostrophes, Colons, Semicolons, Parentheses, Hyphens, and Dashes

Agenda 2/2/2018


Bell work:  Turn to page 97 in your IA Notebook and title it Harry Potter.  Copy down the following:

  1. First reading assignment due 2/7/2018- chapters 1-5

  2. Short (2-3 sentences) summary for each chapter to be written on page 97.

  3. Quiz to take place that day regarding FSA vocabulary style questions and author’s purpose.

  4. Handout to follow on Monday.  Find it here.

Homework:  Read Sorcerer’s Stone


  • Log in, Office365, new file

  • VLT #3

  • Share with cjs chroyer

  • Type your esssay

  • You have until the end of the period

  • You may check your work

Agenda 2/1/2018


Bell Work:  Turn to page 96 in your IA Notebook.  Title it Author’s Purpose.

Homework:  PowerPoint corrections are due tomorrow 2/2/2018.  All corrections MUST be documented in your Notebook (pages 93 and 94).  Be sure you have written an adequate explanation of what you corrected and why.


  • Watch video clip

  • Look for POV

  • Follow one character or multiple characters

  • Document the action, words, reactions from POV (again,one character or multiple)

  • Include explanation

Agenda 1/31/2018

Period 1: Yesterday’s lesson as we missed 1st period on 1/30/2018

Periods 2-5:  Helped Mrs. Jones check computers

Period 7:   PP corrections using lab cart

Homework:  PowerPoint corrections are due Friday, 2/2/2018.  All corrections must be stated in writing using pages 93 and 94 to do so.

Agenda 1/30/2018

Bell work:  IA Notebook page 95.  Glue pink handout.  Secure one box of markers.

Homework:  VLT #3 is this Thursday with your testing group and teacher.  Be sure to locate which classroom or location you are to report.  Continue making corrections on your PP and documenting those corrections on pages 93/94 in your IA Notebook.


  • Semicolon- punctuation most of us avoid.  Discuss

  • Like an exclamation point (!) use sparingly- maybe once per essay.  Twice- max!

  • Planning- discuss what planning looks like when we don’t get a FLEE MAP or other specific planning sheet

  • List some ideas/ how long should planning take/ why plan?


  1. Turn to page 86 (paragraph you wrote about your abolitionist)

  2. Using the markers color your sentences in this way:

  3. PURPLE– For your topic sentence

  4. GREEN– The evidence (quoted or paraphrase) you used

  5. YELLOW– Citation

  6. BLUE– Your elaboration

  7. Discuss what it means if you do not have a balance of colors in your paragraph.  Infer what having too much or too little of one color means.

Agenda 1/29/2018

Bell work:  Corral your IA Notebook and turn to page 90-92.  Thus far, which abolitionist lands your vote?

Homework:   Practice VLT / essay is this Thursday.  Adjusted schedule to emulate what the schedule will look and feel like in March.  Testing rooms to be announced.  Work on PP corrections with annotations.


  • Welcome dignitaries

  • Goal is to vote the most deserving abolitionist into the Hall of Fame based on what you have learned from each PP Essay

  • continue presentations

  • Classes which have completed all presentations- VOTE!!!

  • Begin correcting your errors on page 93.

  • Divide page into quarters for both 93 and 94

  • Each quarter will be a slide with the first quarter titled slides 1 and 2

  • Document what you have fixed/ changed/ corrected and why.

  • Use textbook to document grammar and punctuation rules of which you are unaware