Agenda 2/16/2018

Bell work:  Realize your IA Notebook, one sheet of notebook paper, and a pen.  Do you have your field trip form and money?

Homework:  Completion of book and summaries is Tuesday.  Last FSA style quiz will be on Wednesday.


  • Take Harriet Tubman test.

  • Notebook to be graded

  • Read or work on summaries if you finish early.


Agenda 2/15/2018

Bell work:  Wrangle your IA Notebook.  Realize summaries on pages 98-100.  Right now is a good time to glue as well.

Homework ALL CLASSES:  Review Harriet Tubman story for tomorrow’s test.  Signed permission form and $$ for field trip.  Notebook check is tomorrow as well.  Updated page numbers are IA Notebook.

Classwork 7TH Period:

  1. Answer questions on page 164 with mini-RACE paragraphs.


  • Read novel

  • Work on summaries

  • Check additional assignments located on page 102



Bell work:  Procure your IA Notebook and Harry Potter quiz sheet.  Obtain a BLUE field trip form.

Homework:  Continue reading.  Final reading (completing the book) is due next Tuesday.  One day after the three-day weekend.


  • Take quiz

  • When time is called corral your notebook.

  • Empty all pockets, gather all papers, give your notebook a good shake

  • Attain a bottle of glue or use your own to get your notebook in shape

  • Re-number your pages where needed

  • Trim pages as needed

  • Notebook check this Friday from page 80 to 103!

  • Look for errors in your summaries.  Each will save you one point!

  • Eat candy you have.  Clean up any mess you make.

Agenda 2/13/2018

Bell work:  Corral your IA notebook and glue summaries onto 98-100.  Obtain your FSA essay and markers.

Homework:  Read through chapter 10.  Quiz on Wednesday.


  1. Continue color-marking your essay:

    PINK- transitions; BLUE– appropriate style and tone; RED- maintained controlling idea; BLACK– Has a beginning, middle, and end with a strong conclusion; ORANGE– Precise sources; GREEN- Variety of elaboration techniques; PURPLE– Precise language; YELLOW– Sentence variety; GRAY– Academic/ Domain vocab used

  2. Written reflection on what you did well (must have evidence) and what can be improved (with evidence).  RACE paragraph with two evidences and two elabs will suffice.

  3. Pick one paragraph and re-write it incorporating these changes.  Be sure to annotate which paragraph you chose to re-write.  This will count as remediation on your essay grade.

Agenda 2/12/2018

Bell work:  Obtain your IA notebook, quiz paper, and FSA essay packet.

Homework:  Through chapter 10 by Wednesday.


  1. take quiz

  2. Color mark written essay in your FSA packet

  3. Schroyer to check summaries of chapters 1-5.

Agenda 2/7/2018

Bell work:  Obtain your IA Notebook.  Wrangle one sheet of notebook paper and create a quiz sheet for Harry Potter quizzes.  Divide it into quarters.  Number one quarter 1-5.

Homework:  Next reading assignment as listed on handout glued to page 102.  This means reading through chapter 7 by Monday, 2/12/2018.


  1. Take quiz

  2. Turn to page 157 or 158 (depends on class period) in your textbook

  3. Turn to page 103 and continue to document POV

  4. Answer questions 2, 3, and 5 in mini=RACE form.  (No elaboration)