Agenda 3/24/2020

Bell work:  Write HW in your planner and locate your IA Notebook and turn to page 90– “Man-Made Monster” Notes.


  • Definitions of yesterday vocabulary words (see #4 below) for late credit

  • Late 3 ring notebook with 10 dividers

  • Contents for “Man-made Monsters” due this Friday.

Class work: THIS IS YESTERDAY’S WORK . . .

  1. Read story, “What is the Horror Genre?” on page 125.

  2. Document the 4 vocabulary words(on the sides of the text), in Cornell Note form, onto page 90 in your notebook.  Skip no more than 1 line.

  3. Add these words to your notes on page 88:  sorcerer, speculate, notorious, electrode, exhume, cadaver, malicious- DEFINE THESE WORDS FOR HOMEWORK

  4. Read “Man- Made Monsters” (handout)

  5. While you are reading annotate the story by underlining descriptions of Frankenstein’s creature in the movie.  Put a box around description of Frankenstein’s creature as depicted in the novel.

  6. After you have completed ALL of the above, choose one of these to complete by this Friday:

  • Illustrate Frankenstein’s creature as he is described in the novel versus the movie. (Paper is split in half)  Your two illustrations will be side-by-side.

  • Write a detailed description of Frankenstein’s creature as he is described in the novel versus the movie (one RACE paragraph describing the novel and one describing the movie).

7.  Begin drawing or writing about what your main character might look like in your own (future) story.  Ideas should come from weird people, situations, odd stories about people and NOT creatures who live on another planet, or in the ocean, or in a dark cave.  That is NOT the horror story type we are studying.  Remember, Frankenstein’s creature was designed to be the perfect man.  Smart, handsome, tall, strong.  The creature did not turn out that way which is where that story goes.

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