Agenda 3/23/2020


Bell work:  Write HW in your planner and locate your IA Notebook and turn to page 90 and title it “Man-Made Monster” Notes.  Permis


  • Definitions of today’s vocabulary words (see #4 below)

  • Late 3 ring notebook with 10 dividers

  • Contents for “Man-made Monsters” due this Friday.

Class work:

  1. Read story, “What is the Horror Genre?” on page 125.

  2. Document the 4 vocabulary words(on the sides of the text), in Cornell Note form, onto page 90 in your notebook.  Skip no more than 1 line.

  3. Add these words to your notes on page 88:  sorcerer, speculate, notorious, electrode, exhume, cadaver, malicious- DEFINE THESE WORDS FOR HOMEWORK

  4. Read “Man- Made Monsters” (handout)

  5. While you are reading annotate the story by underlining descriptions of Frankenstein’s creature in the movie.  Put a box around description of Frankenstein’s creature as depicted in the novel.


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