Agenda 3/6/2020

Bell work:  Get your computer and log into Eduphoria.  Write HW in your planner and locate your IA Notebook and turn to page 86.


  • Reading Log #8 for late credit by Tuesday.

  • Tuesday is final day for test corrections which  continue before school and during lunch.

  • Movie form is due on Monday.

Class work:

  1. Keep your IA Notebook turned to page 86 and pass it to the end of your row. You will get it back at the end of class.

  2. Write your name on the movie permission form and put it in your planner.

  3. Write your name on your copy of Lamb to the Slaughter.

  4. Sign in to Eduphoria.

  5. You may mark your test however you find useful.  Be sure to mark Eduphoria correctly.

  6. Submit when you have reviewed (FINAL SUMMATIVE)

  7. Log off your computer, search for an update, and put computer to sleep.

  8. Read Lamb to the Slaughter.

  9. Do not take this home to complete.  Instead, place it in your IA Notebook.

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