Agenda 3/5/2020

Bell work:  Sit in your usual seat.  Write HW in your planner and locate your IA Notebook.  Turn to page 83.  Obtain a highlighter.


  • Reading Log #8 for late credit.  Tuesday is last day.

  • FINISH RACE paragraphs by tomorrow (beginning of class).

  • Study for Friday’s test on Marigolds (pp. 83-87) 

Class work:

  1. This is your JEOPARDY Group.

  2. Select a spokesperson and a score keeper.  Send scorekeeper to get supplies.

  3. Everyone should have a highlighter at this point.

  4. Score keeper uses dry erase board and marker to keep your group’s score.

  5. Spokesperson is the person who states your group’s category, dollar amount, and answer.  (Play along and state your answer in the form of a question.)

  6. Group will have a maximum of 30 seconds to state their answer.

  7. We will rotate to the next group if an incorrect answer is given.  (5 seconds)

  8. Begin to highlight the words you don’t know.  Maybe keep tally marks- these are the words you should be sure to study tonight.

  9. If time, get out your flashcards and quiz each other in your group.

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