Agenda 3/3/2020

Extra Credit Word Warrior- benevolent  

Bell work:  Sit with your JENGA group.  Write in your planner. Obtain your IA Notebook.  Log into Vportal on YOUR computer.


  • Reading Log #8 for late credit.

  • Chorus (field trip) students- take home your notebook.

  • Finish your vocab game pieces- study for Friday’s test on the story, Marigolds 

  • Extra Credit sentence

Class work:

  1. Show Schroyer your RL #8 and pages 84-85 (summaries).

  2. Sit with your JENGA GROUP

  3. Pages 86-87 complete full RACE paragraphs answering the questions on page 226

  • Restate the question(R)

  • Answer (What is your answer to the question?) (A)

  • Cite evidence (C)

  • Explain how this evidence supports your answer (E)

  • Use at least two transitions which “say” something.  Once used find new ones.

3.  Send one group member with your completed paragraph. Be sure everyone in your group is finished before getting paragraph read by Schroyer.

4.  All correct paragraphs are worth ONE JENGA block.

5.  Time ends when first group to get all RACE paragraphs completed or time is called. Towers will be measured to determine a winner.  EVERYONE IN GROUP MUST HAVE THEIR PARAGRAPHS COMPLETED in order to win.

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