Agenda 2/21/2020

Bell work:  Write in your planner.  Locate your IA Notebook.  Log into Vportal.


  • Reading Log #7 is due next Tuesday.  (#6 for late cr)

Class work:


  1. Log into Vportal

  2. Eduphoria

  3. Submit test

  4. TODAY– you may make up the following assignments for partial credit.  This is for today and only in class.

  • One reading log- borrow a book from our classroom library.

  • Douglass pages 79-82

  • Bloody Times pages- 68-72

  • Harriet Tubman Quilt Piece

  1. Turn to page 213 in your textbook and page 83 in your IA Notebook.

  2. Title page 83 “Marigolds” Vocabulary

  3. Fold page for Cornell Notes

  4. Word on left and definition on the right

  5. Skip one line between words.  There are 13 vocab words for this story.

  6. Begin reading if time permits.

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