Agenda 2/19/2020

Collect sentences

Bell work:  Sit with your FSA group.  Locate your computer, textbook, page 149. Write in your planner.  Page 80 IA ntbk.


  • “Douglass” test is Friday.

  • RACE paragraphs for questions on page 149.  (due Friday)

  • Reading Log #7 is due next Tuesday.  (#6 for late

Class work:

  • Cornell Notes- document the six vocabulary words onto page 80.

  • Meet with your FSA Rubric Presentations Group

  • Use what you have completed on pages 79-80 and your textbook to answer questions on page 149.

  • Full RACE paragraphs including transitions as often as possible.  Use transitions which further the writing.

  1. Play Group Jenga

  2. Begin with question #1 answering it on page 81.

  3. Check for accuracy, RACE, four sentences, with at at least two transitions, and that everyone in your group has the answer.

  4. Send a representative to Schroyer to check (the above).  If correct, your group will receive two Jenga pieces.

  5. Repeat but send a DIFFERENT representative to Schroyer for another game piece.

  6. Begin building your tower

  7. When time is called the team with the tallest tower (made only of Jenga pieces) wins!

  8. If winning group does not have answers on page 80 for all group members, we will go to the next tallest tower and repeat.

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