Agenda 2/14/2020

Bell work:  Write in your planner.



  • Test corrections end tomorrow

  • Reading Log #6 due next week.  (#5 for late credit)


  •  Freedom Quilts. There is much written about the use of quilts during the Underground Railroad days. Known as the Freedom Quilt patterns, these quilts were displayed as signals to slaves that they should begin to pack for the journey (Wagon Wheel), dress up (Shoofly) and get ready to escape (Tumbling Blocks).

  1. Education-Unplugged - We made a paper pieced quilt using the codes for the Underground Railroad.

harriettubman Page 20

quilts codes

3.  Using one piece of printer paper, design your quilt square.  Be sure your square tells a story or includes a message of some sorts.

4.  Use a ruler and a pencil.

5. Neatness counts.  Color the entire page of paper but color well.  Take your time.

6.  Use the story (page 151) and as your resources.


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