Agenda 2/11/2020

This week’s word is perseverance.

Bell work:  Write in your planner and keep it handy so your RL #5 can be checked.  VPORTAL.  Use computers from BACK OF THE ROOM!, textbook, turn to page 151.  Title page 78 “Harriet Tubman.”


  • Test corrections end this Friday (2/14)

  • Reading Log #6 due next week.  (#5 for late credit)

  • Progress Reports pulled tomorrow.  What can you make-up? Remediate? Complete?  Please ask!


  • PER TWO SURVEY is tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1.  Page 78 in your notebook

  2. Page 151 in your textbook

  3. On page 78 continue writing a one-two word summary after each paragraph.  Skip one line between each summary.

  4. Begin with #33 on page 78 in your notebook.  There are about 51 paragraphs.

  5. Use the remaining room you have on 78 to answer the questions on page 164. move on to page 79 to complete as many RACE paragraphs as you can.

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