Agenda 1/28/2020

LITERACY: to have the ability to read and write.

Bell work:  Obtain your computer (NEW CART) & log into Vportal. Write in your planner.  Page 72 IA ntbk.


  • Continue to work on summaries.  HP Summary Example -should be though c. 10.  (not 5th period)

  • Reading Log #3 is due tomorrow.  (#2 for late credit)

  • Ex Cr due Wednesday


  1. Log into your textbook.  Page 199.

  2. Reread a portion of “Bloody Times”

    Document your answer these questions on pages 72-73 in your IA notebook.  Not surprisingly, you are to use the RACE strategy, provide evidence, as well as transitions.  (See what I did there?)

  3. Take HP #3 quiz.  These are FSA style questions which require higher-order thinking.

  4. Page 71.  Finish your 3 column chart? abe-lincoln-jeff-davis-t-chart-3

  5. Research the text and record evidence onto your T-chart.  Goal is about 10 qualities, examples/evidence in each column.

  6. Meet with Socratic Seminar group.  Glue green paper (from last Friday) onto page 64.  Side hinge fold on other side. More research and notes on what a SS is and isn’t.

  7. Blue page goes on page 74.  Schroyer to come around with topics.

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