Agenda 1/27/2020

LITERACY: to have the ability to read and write.

Bell work:  Obtain your computer (BIG CART) & log into Vportal. Write in your planner & locate your IA ntbk


  • Continue to work on summaries.  HP Summary Example -should be though c. 10.  (not 5th period)

  • Reading Log #3 is due tomorrow.  (#2 for late credit)

  • Ex Cr due Wednesday


  1. Log into your textbook.  Page 196.

  2. Document your answer these questions on pages 72-73 in your IA notebook.  Not surprisingly, you are to use the RACE strategy, provide evidence, as well as transitions.  (See what I did there?)

  3. Take HP #3 quiz.  These are FSA style questions which require higher-order thinking.

  4. Page 71.  Finish your 3 column chart? abe-lincoln-jeff-davis-t-chart-3

  5. Research the text and record evidence onto your T-chart.  Goal is about 10 qualities, examples/evidence in each column.

  6. Meet with Socratic Seminar group.  Glue green paper (from last Friday) onto page 64.  More research and notes on what a SS is and isn’t.

—————- Harry Potter info _____________  (Not 5th period)

4. Determine Socratic Seminar groups.

5.  Sit with your group, exchange contact information, document this on page 64, GOOGLE and take notes on what a Socratic Seminar is.  WIKIPEDIA is perfect for this.

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