Agenda 1/21/2020

MEANDER – (verb) to randomly wander.

Bell work:  Obtain your computer and log into Vportal. Write in your planner (leave out for Schroyer to check) and locate your IA notebook.  Title page 68 “Vocab for Bloody Times.”


  • Extra credit sentence is due tomorrow.

  • Reading Log #3 is due next week.

  • RL #2 may be turned in for late credit next week as well.


  1. Get into your textbook when you can.  Search for page 177.

  2. Page 68. “Vocab for Bloody Times” and in Cornell Note fashion, document the 10 vocabulary words found within the story.  Be sure the word goes on the left and full definition goes on the right. SKIP AT LEAST ONE LINE between words.

  3. Record at least 10 more vocabulary words of which you are unsure of their meanings.  Use any space you still have on page 68 and move on to the next page for the rest of your words. We will research the definitions of these additional words at a later date.

  4. Discuss vocabulary assignment.

Chapter 1- Harry meets Hagrid who tells Harry the Dursleys have been lying (to) him about his parents.  Harry finds out he is a wizard, discovers he will attend Hogwarts, and for the first time in his life, celebrates his birthday.

  • misleading – this changes the connotation to a higher level of dishonesty.  It’s more than a little lie they have told Harry.

  • observes- the connotation here means not only are they celebrating his birthday, but the fact is, no one has ever even noticed his birthday before.  His birthday has been ignored all of this time and not observed.

4. Determine Socratic Seminar groups.

5.  Sit with your group, exchange contact information, GOOGLE and take notes on what a Socratic Seminar is.

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