Agenda 1/16/2020

Bell work:  Write in your planner and get your IA notebook.  Get your computer, log into Vportal, and open your textbook.  Move computer to the side.  Label page 63 “O Captain! My Captain!”


  • Reading Log #2 is due next week.

  • RL #1 may be turned in for late credit next week as well.


DAY THREE: (Students who were absent M, T, or yesterday).

  • Complete the planning step.  It is important to have your thoughts in order rather than jumping in and start typing.

  • Finish typing your essay.  Expectation is you will revise and edit.

  • Try to remember what you and your group presented last week about the rubric.

  1. Using page 21 as your guide, make a TPCASTT on page 63.  Space things out in order to use the whole page.

  2. Using your on-line textbook turn to page 199.

  3. Read this poem (probably more than once) and complete a TPCASTT as well as you can.

  4. When reading know this poem is about Abraham Lincoln and how devastated the country is that our president has been shot. Lincoln was loved by 99% of the country!

  5. Please don’t forget you have classmates who are testing.  🙂

  6. If you have completed a thorough and amazing TPCASTT, move on to page 202 answering questions 1-5.

  7. Copy chart and complete #1.  RACE paragraphs with FULL paragraphs and a skillful variety of transitions.




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