Agedna 1/14/2020

For the Word Warrior contest, the word for next week is PROPONENT, a noun which means a person who advocates a theory, proposal or project.

Bell work:  Write in your planner and leave on desk for Schroyer to check your Rl #1. Get notebook and locate VLT #2 materials. Log into Vportal and put your computer to the side.


  • Reading Log #2 is due next week.  RL #1 may be turned in for late credit tomorrow.

  • Ex Cr is due tomorrow



  • Complete the planning step.  It is important to have your thoughts in order rather than jumping in and start typing.

  • When you have completed the pink graphic organizer and your plan is ready, begin typing your essay.



  • Read and annotate the articles using any strategy or system you prefer such as LLCCC.

  • You may use your own highlighter.

  • If time permits, you may begin completing the planning sheet.pen

  • Be sure to use pen




  1. Log into Vportal Office 365 New WORD document VLT #2  Share with CJS.  You may need to search directory  SHARE!!! Papers go in notebook.  Do not take notebook home!

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