Agenda 1/9/2020

Bell work:  Write in your planner. Get your notebook, sit with your writing group, and title page 62, “Rubric Presentation #2.”


  • Reading Log #1 is due Tuesday of NEXT week.


  1. Your group has been assigned one portion (NEW) of the rubric to present to the class.

  2. First, create an acronym for your assigned part of the rubric.  SSMS is a rubric. So is FSU,and POS.  Short words are good.  For example, RACE and KISS.

  3. You are presenting your findings through a poem, a song, dance, a skit, or any other creative way using props.

  4. Your group MUST use ALL of the items in your bucket during your presentation.

  5. Measure 1 foot of Duck Tape.  No more, no less.  Both colors. Scissors and ruler are optional.

  6. Creativity and teaching us your portion of the rubric is required!

  7. Rubric includes:

  • Creativity

  • Conveying your message effectively

  • Everyone participates


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