Agenda 1/7/2020

The word for this week is MENDACIOUS, an adjective which means to be characterized by falsehood, deception or lying.

Bell work:  Write in your planner. Get your notebook.  Glue handout to page 60.


  • Reading Log #1 is due Tuesday of NEXT week.

  • Extra Credit sentence is due tomorrow.


  1. Take notebook quiz.  Finish checking these from yesterday.

  2. Title page 61.  Title it “Writing Group Notes”

  3. Document the names of the other people in your group.

  4. Move and sit with your writing group.

  5. Discuss and review page 60 and begin to analyze improvements required in an essay to bump a 3 to a 4.  Highlight key words which give direction

  6. Document your group’s observations onto page 61.

  7. Use bullet points, your notes, and your own words rather than copying from the rubric

  8. Use academic vocabulary where needed (just don’t copy the whole bullet point)

  9. Your group will be assigned one portion of the rubric to present to the class.

  10. You are to write a poem, sing a song, dance, act out a skit, or present your findings in a creative way.

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