Agenda 12/11/2019

Bell work:  Write in your planner. Leave for Schroyer to check late reading logs.  Log into your computer and get to your on-line textbook when you can.  Page 57 in your IA notebook.


  • TEST CORRECTIONS After Auschwitz GOING ON NOW!  Come in during lunch until this Friday.

  • Reading Log #12  for late credit due next Tuesday.

  • Very late credit for Vocab Diary and Summaries for Night


  1. Open your on-line text book to page 388

  2. Look at possible annotations on page 56.

  3. RACE paragraphs for questions on page 388. These should be substantial paragraphs.  Full RACE paragraphs.  Each sentence should begin with a transition.

  4. Use page 9.  Check to be sure your transitions move your answer and help the reader make connections.

  5. You SHOULD work with a partner.

  6. I’m looking for QUALITY RACE paragraphs with QUALITY transitions.  Rather than rushing through your answers, please be sure to carefully put your paragraphs together with effective transitions.  Underline your transitions.

  7. Goal is to NOT repeat even one transition!  Take your time and develop transitions which help the reader understand the point(s) you are trying to make.

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