Agenda 12/6/2019

Bell work:  Write in your planner. Log into your computer and put it to the side.  When there is time, get to page 384 in your textbook.  IA Notebook page 56.  IA Notebooks stay in the classroom today for grading!


  • Reading Log #12  (#11 for late credit) due Tuesday.

  • Late credit for Vocab Diary and Summaries for Night


  • Review page 54-55

  • Page 56.  Title it RACE paragraphs for “After Auschwitz”

  1. RACE paragraphs 1 – 6

  2. Review page 9, 10, and 11

  3. Begin each sentence in your RACE paragraph with a transition.  Underline your transitions.

  • Test on Night begins in 20 minutes.  Work quickly and efficiently.  You can answer these questions with ONE substantial sentence, IF that sentence is a complex or compound sentence, has evidence (including paraphrasing) and a transition.  If your sentence requires a comma or two, it is a compound or complex sentence.

  • Be sure to leave your IA notebook in the cubby today.


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