Agenda 11/21/2019

Bell work:  Write in your planner.  Log into Vportal and move computer to the side.  IA Notebook and your copy of Night handy.


  • Night  (Hum…, tomorrow would be a great day for a “Surprise Quiz!)

  • Summaries and Vocab Diary for Night

  • Reading Log #11  (#10 for late credit) due Tuesday AFTER break.  🙂

Homework:  RL #11  (#10 for late credit)


5th Period ONLY-

  • Study your answers on pages 50 and 51. Finish if you did not already do so.

  • Study plot diagram on pages 52-53.  Finish if you did not already do so.

  • Read any parts of the play which seemed confusing to you.

  • You may work with a partner.  LAST CHANCE credit for these pages! 

  1. Pass your IA notebook to the desk to your left.  As always, keep your notebook if you prefer to hold onto it.

  2. Log into Vportal, tiles, Eduphoria,

  3. When instructed- Click on Test available, look for Diary of Anne Frank

  4. You have 20 minutes to take and submit this test.

  5. Submit test

  6. Log out and put the computer to sleep.

  7. Read Night.

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