Agenda 11/12/2019

Word of the Week – VALOR:  (noun) great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle

Bell work:  IA NTBK. Write in your planner.  Keep planner handy to have your reading log(s) checked.


  • Complete social media page based on your page 49 character.

  • Extra Credit sentence

  • Progress Reports are tomorrow.

  • Bubble maps should have 15 annotations on each

  • Reading Log #10  (#9 for late credit)


  1. Using page 49 (other character) create an Instagram or Twitter page.  Fakebook example- fakebook  

  2. Example of fake Instagram.  Please do not copy!

  3. The information you have gathered- dialogue, description, thoughts, feelings, and actions should reveal what kind of social media page your character would have.

  4. Feel free to add to your bubble map if incomplete in order to complete the social media page.

  5. Add color.  Look for places where you can be creative.

  6. 7TH PERIOD ONLY– FINISH READING ACT I by listening to it on audio.

  7. Page 324, answer 1, 3, and 4 on IA Notebook page 50.

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