Agenda 11/5/2019

PARASITE – (noun) a creature that lives off another organism

  • Hearing the high-pitched whine of a mosquito, I frantically swatted away the blood-sucking parasite.

Bell work:  IA NTBK.  Keep planner handy for Schroyer to check reading logs.  Signed printouts go in tray on back counter.  Ex Cr is due tomorrow.  Log into Vportal and put computer to the side.


  • Reading Log #9  (#8 for late credit)

  • Signature on grade printout is required


  1. Check reading log #8 (7 for late credit)

  2. Change page 47 to Secret Annex if not already noted

  3. Add to page 47 details you learned yesterday

  4. Add Anne’s name to middle of page 48

  5. Add to both of these bubble maps as we read today

  6. Decide on second character today or tomorrow (page 49)

  7. Continue to practice BUMP reading

  8. Pick parts for the play

  9. We read through page 294.

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