Agenda 10/31/2019

Bell work:  IA NTBK- page .  Update your planner.  Signed printouts go in tray on back counter.  Earbuds.  Blue paper with your questions.  Rubric.


  • Reading Log #8.  (#7 for late credit)

  • Signature on grade printout is required


  1. Write your name on your rubric and pass it forward.

  2. Write your name, both if you had a partner for the project, at the top of the blue page of questions.

  3. Using a paperclip, carefully attach one copy of your questions to the bottom of your project.

  4. Not necessary if you wrote these questions on the board itself.

  5. Turn to page 44.  Line across the middle, fold paper in half, lengthwise, x 2

  6. You should have 8 rectangles.

  7. Get out your cellphone.

  8. Add a FREE QR CODE Reader to your phone.

  9. Scan codes, listen to podcasts, answer questions provided on the blue paper.

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