Agenda 10/29/2019

The word for this week is OMNIPOTENT, an adjective which means able to do anything, all-powerful; invincible.

Bell work:  IA NTBK.  Log into Vportal and put computer aside. Update your planner please and leave it on your desk if you have reading log(s) to be checked.


  • Research, foam board, Podcast, printed pictures, and printed QR code are past due.

  • Project is due by end of class Wednesday

  • Signature on grade printout is required


Monday: Research (yellow and pink pages) and illustrations are completed by end of class (formative grade) File has been created in Office365 and shared.

Tuesday:  Create recording of your research using your cell phone and Vocaroo website.  Save QR Code in Office365.  Share with Schroyer and your partner (formative)

  1. Go to VOCAROO.COM

  2. Computer will record what you say. You should try it first to see how much background noise you are getting.

  3. At the end Vocaroo will ask you if you want a copy of the QR code.

  4. Cut and paste that into your Office365 file (set up yesterday).

  5. You phone has better quality everything.  Try (just a few seconds)that as well.

  6. Check the rubric!  Creative format is important.

    • Interviews with concentration camp survivors. 
    • Personifying objects, having the objects talk about the subject matter.  
    • Diary entries 

Wednesday:  Put project together and turn in by end of class  (Summative)

Thursday: Using your own earbuds and cell phone, listen to the Podcasts of your classmates and students from other classes.  Record details in your notebook.


  1. Use RUBRIC and  the yellow grid as a guideline for your research.

  2. Good idea to read though it first including the Citation Page (pink)

  3. You are responsible for your own research even if working with a partner.

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