Agenda 10/25/2019

Bell work:  IA NTBK.  Log into Vportal and put computer aside. Update your planner please.


  • Research is due Monday!

  • Foam board due Monday!

  • Project is due by end of class Wednesday!

  • Reading Log #7 (late #6)


  1. Which of these tasks applies to you?

  2. You still have a full day of testing as you missed one of the three days and have not yet made it up.

  3. Absent yesterday?  You have 15 more minutes designed for editing.  As the author you decide how you will use your time.

  4. Therefore, some of your classmates are just beginning day 3 today or are using their 15 minutes today.  Therefore, today’s class will be quiet and suited for testing.

  5. At the end of your 15 minutes, close your VLT file, and begin researching your topic.

  6. Use the yellow grid as a guideline.

  7. Good idea to read though it first including the Citation Page (pink)

  8. You are responsible for your own research even if working with a partner.

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