Agenda 10/22/2019

Bell work:  IA NTBK.  Get your computer.  Log in and then put it to the side.  Please write in your planner.


  • Extra Credit-  REDUNDANT – (adj) needlessly wordy or repetitive.  It can be redundant to hear the same excuses, from the same students, explaining why they are late to class.  Entries must be submitted by start of class Wednesday. One winner from each grade level will receive a dress down band to use Friday.

  • Foam Board and partner for our next project.  Printing is required.  Choose wisely.

  • Reading Log #6 due 10/22/2019.  (late #5)


  1. Write your name on your VLT packet and FLEE MAP.

  2. Turn to page 33.  You should be marking your text in some way.

  3. Turn to page 15.  You should be planning your essay in some way as well.

  4. Go to Office365

  5. New file and name it- VLT #1

  6. Immediately SHARE it with me.  Never have to save or share it again!

  7. CJS is sometimes enough to pop up my name and picture

  8. or search CJS in the directory

  9. Goal is to have read and annotated your text by the end of class and have an idea of on which side of the argument you will write.

  10. Tuesday– Finish planning and start typing.

  11. Wednesday- Finish typing and edit your essay.

  12. Project topics to be selected tomorrow.  Will you work with a partner?  Who?

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