Agenda 10/17/2019

Bell work:  IA notebook.  Log into Vportal and put computer aside.  Please write in your planner.  You must wear your ID at all times.


  • Color-marking, page 42, and 43 are due by Monday.  Work at home if you are behind.

  • Foam Board and partner for our next project.  Printing is required.  Choose wisely.

  • Reading Log #6 due 10/22/2019.


  • Log into Office365

  • Open essay (Should Teens . . .)

  • Finish color-marking your essay color mark

  • On page 42 list the necessary changes you would make to bump your 2 up to a 3.  Be specific.  Use examples from your own essay.

  • You must use adjectives highlighted, along with other requirements, listed on page 15.  In other words use the language found on the FSA rubric!

  • Finally, what questions can you list on the topic of FSA rubic?

  • Page 43.  Divide it into quarters


  1. Identify something the writer did really well

  2. identify something else the writer did well.

  3. determine something the writer almost completely forgot or the writing lacks

  4. In your opinion SPECIFICALLY, how did #3 effect the writer’s FSA grade

  5. What is the easiest change the writer can do to earn a 3 next week.  BE SPECIFIC AND USE LANGUAGE FROM THE RUBRIC!!!

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