Agenda 10/15/2019

OVERZEALOUS – (adj) overabundance of enthusiasm or excitement

Ex: Mason was overzealous after he earned an A on the test, knocking over his chair as he jumped up and down.

Bell work:  IA notebook.  Please write in your planner. and keep it handing for reading logs.


  • Reading Log #6 due next Tuesday, 10/22/2019.

  • Reading Log #5 is past due.


  1. Check #4 (late credit) and #5.  Glue the following pages:

  2. 39- FLEE MAP

  3. 40- Teens Need Work  (HINGE)

  4. 41- Teens Need Cash   (HINGE)

  5. 15- New copy of FSA Rubric.  Glue all 4 corners NOT hinge fold!

    • Three little words activity:

    • Use copy of NEW rubric

    • Underline adjectives in EACH box of each column and select the three most important words.   Highlight the words you chose.  (3 for each box)

    • Take call outs as a class and create master list together (teacher adds to “master” rubric as the class gives answers)

    • Discuss the differences in verbiage (words) from box to box.  What is the difference between a 2 to a 3 and and to a 4, etc.  (What do you need to take it to the next level?)

    • Condense the three word list in order to find the most important words from each category (highlight them annotated rubric)

    • Page 42.  Title it- FSA RUBRIC NOTES

    • Write a short paragraph (RACE) about what must a student do to go from a 2 to a 3 in PFO?

    • Write a short paragraph (RACE) about what must a student do to go from a 2 to a 3 in EE?

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