Agenda 9/26/2019


Bell work: Get your IA Notebook.  Write in your planner.


  • Have your book with you for time in class when you are allowed to read. 🙂

  • Outside reading #3, summary, signature by 10/1/2019

  • Late credit for reading log #2 for full credit.


  1. Write Is 16 Too Young to Drive a Car? at the top of page 35 in your IA Notebook.

  2. Read this story with the class

  3. Using the RACE strategy, answer questions on page 255.  Answers go onto page 35 in your IA Notebook.  Be sure to use one piece of evidence.  Quote it directly from the article or you may paraphrase it.

  4. If you need more room than page 35, use an extra sheet of notebook paper not from your IA Notebook.

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