Agenda 9/25/2019

Bell work: Get your IA Notebook.  Log into Vportal.  Get your computer spinning and working while you write in planner.  Keep planner handy for Schroyer to check your reading logs.


  • Bring your book to class until the end of the 9 weeks (10/11/2019)!!

  • Outside reading #3, summary, signature by 10/1/2019

  • Late credit for reading log #2 for full credit by 10/1.


  1. Walk through next week.

  2. Day #4 is a half hour to edit and proofread.  You may use the rubric on page 15 to see where your essay falls short.

  3. Day #3 for people who have been out and missed a day.  This means we are still in testing mode.

  4. Extra time for people who had computer issues.

  5. Extra time to make up for minutes lost from giving directions and checking reading logs.

  6. Use this extra time to finish typing (summative grade)

  7. Use this extra time to complete your LLCCC of BOTH articles (formative grade)

  8. Use this extra time to complete your FLEE MAP (formative grade)

  9. Look at the rubric on page 15.  Focus on the boxes indicating how to earn a 4.  Go back in your essay and fix or add the items required for a 4.

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