Agenda 9/24/2019

Bell work: Get your IA Notebook.  Log into Vportal.  Get your computer spinning and working while you write in planner.  Keep planner handy for Schroyer to check your reading logs.


  • Outside reading #3, summary, signature by 10/1/2019

  • Late credit for reading log #2 for full credit.


  1. These two steps should be just about done:

  2. Day One:  Use page 33, your highlighters or colored pens if you wish, and LLCCC both articles.  These annotations will help you decide how to develop your essay.

  3. Day Two:  FLEE MAP.  Plan out which side of the argument you will write.

  4. Day Three:  Get to this step ASAP so you will have as much time as possible to type your essay using your plan.

  5. Your typed essay is due by the end of the period.

  6. Schroyer to check your planner.


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