Agenda 9/19/2019

Bell work: Get your IA Notebook.  Page 33.  Write in planner.  Log into your computer to get it working.  Put it to the side.


  • Study argumentation words- page 16.  Test- Friday.

  • Outside reading, summary, signature by 9/24/2019

  • Late reading logs by next Tuesday for full credit.


  1. Complete your LLCCC foldable

  2. Obtain two articles and a FLEE Map.  Write your name on each page.

  3. Practice VLT begins after testing tomorrow.

  4. Topic is:  Should teens get a job for experience or money?

  5. Essay will be typed and submitted through Office365 via your Vportal

  6. Go to Office365

  7. New Document

  8. Title it – Should teens get a job for experience or money (with no questions mark!!!

  9. Click the SHARE button

  10. Look for me using CJS and usually my name pops up with a tiny pic of me

  11. Share this file with me and now you don’t have to remember to complete this step over the next three days.

  12. Day 1 is marking your text to make a decision on the prompt.  Day 2 is completing a FLEE MAP so you will have a good plan of what you are going to write.  Day 3 is a typing day.  We cannot give you extra time to type your essay outside of this three day window; please plan accordingly.

  13. Using your LLCCC foldable on page 33 mark your text.  You may use highlighter (s), colored pens, or your blue/ black pen to mark your text.

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