Open House

Bell work: Be sure to sign-in.  Sit where you would like to sit.


  • Consider donating to our classroom- candy, bottled glue, construction paper, pens, etc.

  • Monitor Gradebook as often as needed.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to be here.  Parental support is a key to success.

  2. Get out your phone and sign up for REMIND.

  3. County curriculum- five high schools with over thirty academies!  We have 33 pages of material to cover.  Quite challenging and exhaustive.  Students will be ready!

  4. Communication.  So incredibly important. Text me through REMIND.  My e-mail is open and I’m on-line all day (attendance). Phone calls are possible but require time to get to a school phone and that takes about one day.

  5. Homework- outside reading, book at or above grade level, 1-2 sentence summary in student planner w parent signature.  Full credit up to one week late.

  6. Homework_ any unfinished classwork with the understanding the work is due by the start of class the next day.

  7. Late work- in general 8th grade LA does not take late work.  Excused absences and extenuating circumstances of which I have been made aware are exceptions.

  8. Textbook is on-line through your student’s Vportal

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