Agenda 8/27/2019

Picture of IA Notebook pages is IA ntbk.

Bell work: Get your IA. Write h/w in your planner.  Name tag on your desk facing me.  On page 25 write ADDITIONAL TOPICS TO STUDY. Turn to page 24 in your IA notebook.  Use pen please.


  • Study for tomorrow’s test on the two poems (page 22)

  • Be sure to complete pages 21-24.  This work will be on tomorrow’s test.

  • Pages 1-25 should be complete


  1. Pages 21-25 to be graded ASAP.

  2. Find a partner who is in about the same place as you.

  3. Finish pages 21-25.

  4. Study for your test using these guided questions:

  • Describe / discuss how stanzas are used in each poem

  • Discuss and define the three vocabulary words we annotated on the last page of page 17.

  • Describe / if the poems have a rhyme scheme.  Include evidence.

  • Talk about the lack of punctuation in the first poem.



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