Agenda 8/21/2019

Picture of IA Notebook pages is IA ntbk.


Bell work: Get your IA. Write h/w in your planner.  Name tag on your desk facing me.  Turn to page 17 in your IA notebook.  Highlighter if you have one.  Use pen please.  Same person from yesterday should meet Schroyer for a computer.


  • Finish Growth/ Fixed mindset

  • Sign up for REMIND

  • Continue to bring in donations for our classroom.


  1. Write your name on both handouts

  2. On page 17 highlight FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE (last page in handout)

  3. Highlight the definition of SIMILE

  4. Add to this page the word INFERENCE- a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning

  5. Discuss challenges of poetry

  6. Discuss using TPCASTT as a way to overcome those challenges (GROWTH!)

  7. Read poem together

  8. With a partner read poem for a second time and complete a TPCASTT (yellow paper)

  9. Translations- write these on the poem

  10. Go to DICTIONARY.COM and define the word inference.  Add this definition to last page of handout on page 17.

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