Agenda 8/21/2019

Picture of IA Notebook pages is IA ntbk.

Bell work: Get your IA. Write h/w in your planner.  Name tag on your desk facing me.  Turn to page 13 in your IA notebook.  Use pen please.

Homework:  Finish your Growth/Fixed Mindset illustration.  Set up IA Notebook, sign up for REMIND, and bring in donations for our classroom.


  1. Fold paper in 1/2

  2. Label one side Fixed Mindset and the other Growth Mindset

  3. Think of an example.  Then, illustrate both sides of what your example might look like.

  4. Image result for examples of a growth mindset
  5. Working with a partner GOOGLE “Examples of Growth Mindset”

  6. Determine what your example is going to be; you are both creating your own illustration.

  7. Must use color.

  8. May start with pencil.

  9. Finish for homework. These will be collected at the beginning of class tomorrow.

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