Agenda 8/15/2019


Bell work:  Obtain the handout in tray by the door.  Write h/w in your planner.  Have a pen (2 diff colors or highlighters) and any supplies handy.  Put your name tag on your desk facing me.  Place paperwork in tray (back of the room).

Homework:  Finish T/C list if not completed in class today.  Reread “Peter Pan” if each page is not annotated.  Paperwork signed.  Finish your Plain Polly or Boring Bob; it is now past due.  Sign up for REMIND.  Secure IA Notebook, supplies, donations, and your name tag.


  1.  We will set up our notebooks on Monday.  This is the only class time provided to do so.  This means it is very important you have your IA Notebook by Monday.  I will send you a message through REMIND.

  2. Put your name on the handout you got from the tray by the door.

  3. As we are reading mark your text with a T when you think a theme (lesson) might be developing.

  4. As we are reading mark your text with a C when you think characters are being developed.

  5. Listen here link

  6. See examples Peter Pan annotations 1

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