Agenda 8/14/2019


Bell work:  Obtain the handout in tray by the door.  Write h/w in your planner.  Have a pen and any supplies handy.  Put your name tag on your desk facing me.  Place paperwork in tray (back of the room).  One sheet of notebook paper.  Expectation is you have begun these tasks at the bell.

Homework:  Get your paperwork signed by your parent or guardian.  Finish your Plain Polly or Boring Bob; it is now past due.  Sign up for REMIND.  Secure IA Notebook, supplies, donations, and your name tag.


  1.  Review procedure for using the trays in the back of the room.  Note- use these trays ONLY when instructed to do so.  These trays are generally used for storage.  I do NOT routinely check these trays.

  2. REMIND- Get out your phone and sign up for REMIND.  Send text to 81010.

  • Period 1- @Snape24

  • Period 2- @Granger24

  • Period 3- @Potter24

  • Period 4- @Ron24

  • Period 5- @Chochang24

  • Period 7- @Voldemort2

4.  Fold paper for Cornell Notes

5.  Copy these notes: photo





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