Agenda 8/12/2019


Bell work:  Sit in the seat number given to you when you came in.  Have a pen handy (to make annotations) and the handout on your desk. Note- Expectation is you have begun these tasks at the bell.

Homework:  Get your paperwork signed by your parent or guardian.  Secure IA Notebook, supplies, donations, and your name tag.


  • Make name tag.  FACE IT TOWARD ME!

  • Introduction of me and to this course

  • Check it prior to class, for make-up work, extra help.  I teach from my website each day.

  • Annotate course syllabus

  • Review school and classroom rules

  • REMIND is not an option.  This will be our first grade.  Multiple phones are suggested.  Password?  Click this link: remind harry potter

  • Get out your phone!  Text to this number: 81010

  • Period 1- @Snape

  • Period 2- @Granger22

  • Period 3- @Potter222

  • Period 4- @Dumbledore

  • Period 5- @Chochang

  • Period 7- @Voldemort

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