Agenda 2/26/2019

Homework:  Late reading logs.  Extra credit due tomorrow.

Word of the Week — SWAGGER  — (adj/n/verb) to act in an egotistical or self-centered way; an arrogant walk that has a feeling of exaggerated self-confidence.   

Sometimes people try to hide their nervousness by walking with a confident swagger.

Bell work:  Get your IA Notebook.  Write in your planner.  Get out your movie clip snack.  🙂


  • page 74 (under the HP handouts)

  • Should still have 1/2 page.  Number it like this:







  • Write 3 facts present in the movie but not found in the book

  • Write 2 pieces of dialogue which represents a quality in a character(s)

  • Write 1 glaring difference in the movie which changes the plot, character, etc

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