Agenda 2/21/2019

VLT #2:

  • Be sure you have a pen.

  • You will have 90 minutes to mark your text, plan, and write your five paragraphs onto notebook paper.

  • Tomorrow, you will type your essay during class.



Homework:  Test corrections continue during any WT or lunch.  Window ends tomorrow (lunch).  Late reading logs.

Bell work:  Get your IA Notebook and glue. Write in your planner.

Classwork:  Glue the following documents into your IA Notebook.

68.  O’Captain Test/  hinge fold

75.  Harry Potter quiz sheet/ hinge fold

77.  Harry Potter Socratic Seminar (green) hinge fold

81. Abolitionist paper (PINK)  / hinge fold

84.  My best reason paragraph (front pocket) hinge fold

85.  Lincoln paragraph hinge fold

87.  Vocabulary for “Bloody Times” (yellow)

88.  Leadership Qualities (green)

  • When you have no other papers to glue, re-number all pages through page 90!

  • Finished?  Return your glue, and ask Schroyer for a computer

Set up the following in Office365

  1. New document

  2. Name the new document —  VLT #2

  3. Share with Schroyer

  4. Log out and put computer to sleep





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