Agenda 2/20/2019

Homework:  Test corrections continue during any WT, any lunch, and after school today.  Window ends this Friday (lunch).  Late reading logs.  Review FSA rubric.  VLT #2 is Thursday.

Bell work:   Check your group number.  Locate your IA Notebook. Write in your planner.


  • Send one person to get one box of markers and one large sheet of poster paper.  Be careful.  I can only give you one! (10  mins)

  • When completed ask Schroyer where to hang your poster.

  • When we have our completed essay, each group will score our essay per rubric on page 28 (ignore items about counter claim and argument) (5 mins)

  • Use your phones to take a picture of our essay.  Use pic to determine a score.

  • Use green stock paper to document your score, evidence, and notes

  • Must have evidence why our essay has earned what score your group gave it.

  • Be prepared to explain this to the class. (as time permits)

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