Agenda 2/14/2019


Homework:  Finish questions 1-3 on page 196.  Late (green) graphic organizer on  Leadership Qualities.  Test covering today’s story is tomorrow.  Study vocab, your page of green notes, and consider rereading the story on Lincoln Davis.  

Bell work:   Locate your IA Notebook.  Log into your vportal and then write in your planner.  Stop when you get to your tile screen.  Be careful about going elsewhere on the computer.  Better yet, don’t!


  • Vportal

  • Tiles; access your textbook;  search page 196

  • Page 86 in IA Notebook complete questions 1-3 in RACE form.  Only include one piece of evidence and elaboration.

  • Go to and look up definitions of the words in yellow vocab packet

  • Continue with Socratic Seminars.

  • Score is based on evidence, elaboration, eye contact, volume  

  • Audience is scoring

  1. On small green slip write your name and the name of the person you are observing.

  2. On blank side note two things your person said or did well and one area on which to improve.


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