Word Warrior:  Outlandish is an adjective that means freakishly strange or odd; often seen in appearance or actions, bizarre.

Homework: LATE from Bloody Times: vocabulary and late reading log #5.  Extra Credit Warrior Word.

***  How do I fix my grade?  Remediation for HP summaries happening before school, any WT, and lunch time.

Bell work:  Locate your IA Notebook.  Write in your planner and leave it open so I can check your reading log.  Locate and organize your materials for Socratic Seminar.  Turn to page 84.  Locate unused green slips.


  • Discussion

  • Use each other’s names, repeat what you heard, and then make your claim.  Use textual evidence!!!

  • Grade is based on participation, evidence, and elaboration

  • Include quiet group members by questioning them

  • Audience is scoring

  1. On small green slip write your name and the name of the person you are observing.

  2. On blank side note two things your person said or did well and one area on which to improve.



  1. Complete T chart on page 85.  Lincoln on one side.  Davis on the other.

  2. Document leadership qualities

  3. Read while documenting thee qualities

  4. Check vocabulary using new computers  🙂


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