Agenda 1/29/2019

ABOLITIONIST ESSAY abolitionist movement rubric

Harry Potter rubric

Homework:  Finish reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by 1/31/2019.  Expect an FSA style quiz.  EXTRA CREDIT- Warrior Word is Jabber.  Sentence is due when your class starts tomorrow.  🙂  School Book Swap is this Thursday.  Bring an old book to trade for a new one.

Bell work:  Log into Vportal ASAP.  Write in your planner.  Schroyer to check Reading Logs.  Recognize your IA notebook and turn to page 83- Abolitionist Power Point.  Obtain one sheet of notebook paper and call it, My Best Reason Paragraph.


  • You have 15 more minutes to complete research.

  • Notebook paper (from Bellwork) – Then, write ONE paragraph (of your essay) using your best reason for “Why _________(your abolitionist’s name goes here)_____ should be inducted into the Hall of Fame.”  Remember, this is the topic.  You are not creating a PP for history class!!!  Instead, your PP is an essay on your abolitionist.

  • RACE paragraph is expected with ample evidence (3 sources/ 3 evidence)  Use variety.

  • RACE paragraph is expect with ample elaboration (use variety)

  • RACE paragraph will be timed and collected 10 minutes after we begin  (use transitions!)

  • Finish research if your PINK paper is not complete.

  • Move on to blue paper and start completing your slides

  • Here is our next essay:  abolitionist introduction presentation

  • Complete research today: abolitionist research template






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