Agenda 1/17/2019

Homework:  Reading log #2 due next Tuesday.  Read pages 88-130 of Harry Potter by 1/22/2019.  Expect an FSA style quiz.  Bring headphones to complete Iready test on Friday.

Bell work:  Write in your planner.  Log into your vportal account.  Be sure to put computer to sleep when today’s session ends.  One sheet of notebook paper folded into quarters.


  • Take HP quiz.  Turn quiz over. If you finish quiz before time is called, you may begin Iready.

  • Segue into Iready when time is called.

  • Mid year test means your scores should increase.

  • Don’t hurry.  Keep focused.  Go for increased scores !

  • Take advantage of the breaks the program gives you, and then get back to work.

  • Judge your time!   You will get a higher score if you re-read a story tomorrow which you did not complete the questions to today.

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