Agenda 1/15/2019

Homework:  Reading log #2 due next Tuesday.  Read pages 1-89 of Harry Potter by 1/16/2019.  Expect an FSA style quiz.  Bring headphones for Iready test on Wednesday – Friday.

Bell work:  Write in your planner.  Leave your planner handy for Schroyer to check.  Page 79.  Draw a line across the middle (horizontally) creating a top and bottom halves.  Glue rubric (green) onto page 80.


  • Discuss iready

  • Write a RACE paragraph stating what the point of view is of each poem. One on top of page and the other on the bottom of page.

  • Now you will create a storyboard, for your own story, using 3 lines (of your choice) from each poem.  GET CREATIVE!

  • Be sure to decide what point of view you want your new story to have.

  • You can keep the same point of view as either poem if you wish.

  • Be sure to use all of the lines you have chosen (6) somewhere in your new story.

  • In your notebooks, under your RACE paragraphs write one sentence explaining your point of view of the story you are going to create. 

  • You will cite directly from the text, illustrate each line, and then write a paragraph on the back of your storyboard explaining your point of view.  

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