Agenda 1/11/2019

Homework:  Reading log #1 due Tuesday.  Study TPCASTT(s) of Annabel Lee and Captain for next week’s summative.  Read pages 1-89 of Harry Potter by 1/16/2019.

Bell work:  Write in your planner.  Copy the following sentence onto this week’s page in the BACK of your notebook:

for the benefit of you’re friends william cant you and your friend jesse write nothing except those insipid limericks and cinquains  felicia teased.  hey how about giving us a break and trying another form of poetry this year


  • Discuss Giggles sentence

  • Discuss iready

  • Meet with desk partner to fill in any holes you have on TPCASTT of “Annabel Lee”

  • Check  TPCASTT of “Annabel Lee” on page 72

  • Page 73, working with a partner complete 1-5 on page 202 of your textbook.  RACE paragraphs with one piece (or more) of evidence are required.

  • Harry Potter books to be issued.

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