Agenda 1/10/2019

Homework:  Reading log #1 due Tuesday.  Complete TPCASTT of Annabel Lee and Captain poem if not completed in class.

Bell work:  Write in your planner.  Copy the following sentence onto this week’s page in the BACK of your notebook:

six pairs of eyeballs rolled at this comment.  felicia fey threatened to zap william but that didn’t deter him.  she than furrowed her brow stuck out her tongue at him and good naturedly muttered something rude under her breath as the rest of the girls giggled



  • Discuss Giggles sentence

  • Discuss iready

  • Listen to “O’ Captain! My Captain” 
  • Check TP-CASTT (page 70) of “O’ Captain! My Captain” 

  •  Listen to “Annabel Lee”

  • Page 72- TPCASTT of “Annabel Lee”

  • Remember to use the (WORD) strategy we practiced on There But for the Grace and Annabel Lee

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